Lake Region High School will provide all students with the resources, opportunities, and encouragement to become informed thinkers and responsible citizens.

Every Lake Region High School student is expected to meet academic standards in these learning clusters with the intent of becoming and remaining an informed thinker:

English: Reading & Viewing, Writing & Speaking, Integrated Literacy Mathematics: Numbers & Operations, Shape & Size, Mathematics in Decision Making, Patterns

Science: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth & Space, Nature and Implications of Sciences

Social Studies: History, Civics & Government, Geography, Economics

Health & Physical Education: Health Knowledge, Health Skills, Physical Education Knowledge, Physical Education Skills

Fine Arts: Disciplinary Literacy, Critiquing and Reflecting, Creative Problem Solving, Craftsmanship, Arts Connections

Every Lake Region High School student is personally responsible for fulfilling these civic and social expectations:

Respect the rights and properties of others. Treat all students and staff members with courtesy. Respect the diversity of people and ideas. Abide by school policies. Put forth best effort. Demonstrate integrity. Act to maintain a physically safe atmosphere. Act to maintain an emotionally safe atmosphere. Take pride in work and in the common life of the school.

At Lake Region High School, we act on the belief that our mission and expectations promote lifelong learning, clear and effective communication, creative and practical problem solving, and collaborative and quality work.

We believe that today decides tomorrow.